Streamline your event registration.

Getting people to register for your event and staying organized throughout the registration process can be some of the most stressful tasks involved in planning an event. Relax and let SAGE handle your event registration for you!

SAGE Event Services (SES) can manage both your online pre-registration and on-site registration. Our technology, which is designed specifically for the promotional products industry, streamlines the entire process to eliminate lines during registration.

Online Reg

Online Registration


Integrated With Your Site

We’ll integrate exhibitor and attendee registration into your website or create a standalone website for the event with web hosting provided by SAGE.


Easy Registration Process

Distributors can quickly and easily register for a tradeshow by pre-populating registration fields with their information directly from the SAGE database.


End-Buyers Feature

End-buyers can be tied to their distributor when they register so when they check in, you will instantly know who their distributor is.


Easily Download Data

Download registrants’ information in CSV format (easily converts to Excel or Access databases).


Email Features

Customizable email feature allows distributors to easily invite clients to end-buyer shows.

On-Site Registration


Integrate to On-Site Database

Information collected during the pre-registration process will be integrated into the on-site database, thus expediting the process and eliminating lines.


Barcoded Confirmation Emails

Distributors, exhibitors, and end-buyers will present their barcoded pre-registration confirmation email at registration; this provides an excellent advertising opportunity.


Exclusive Software

Software developed specifically for the promotional products industry will be used for on-site registration.


Print Badges

Email confirmations will be scanned, and barcoded name badges will be printed instantly.


Equipment Set-Up

Scanners, laptop computers and printers will be provided for the expedited check-in process.


Customizable Badges

Ability to add customized badge tear-offs that are specific to each badge type.


Email Notifications

Ability to set up hourly email notifications.


Arrival Alerts

Ability to alert management when a specific attendee arrives.


Get Started

Pricing varies depending on the size of your event.
Please contact us for a quote for your event.

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