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SAGE PromoSearch® is a complete product search solution that gives your web visitors the ability to browse through all of the products in the SAGE database on your website. Product information is pulled directly from the SAGE database in real time so it’s always up-to-date.

In addition to helping customers generate ideas, PromoSearch has full e-commerce capabilities so they can easily request more information, a quote, and even place an order through your site. Your customers will be able to browse the entire SAGE database of over one million products. You also have the option to limit the searching capabilities to different product categories, your preferred suppliers, preference groups and more! This way your website visitors will only be able to see the products and suppliers you allow. It is also equipped with the SAGE Virtual Design Studio to allow clients to create virtual samples by adding logos to products on your website.

SAGE PromoSearch's customizable layout, integration with SAGE Payment Processing, price customization, and other advanced features will turn your site into an effortless sales generator.


  • Able to limit the searching capabilities to different product categories, your preferred suppliers, preference groups (such as A-rated suppliers and quantity pricing), and more
  • Each product has a SAGE product code, which is encrypted for each SAGE distributor, so your customers can't search for the product number to find a better price online
  • Instant currency conversion
  • Shipping estimate calculator
  • Multiple price customization options
  • Include social media icons that link to your social media profiles
  • Includes three complimentary SAGE Signature Showrooms of your choice
  • Integrates with SAGE WebExpress, SAGE WebExpress Pro or your own custom site without needing additional programming
  • Product information is pulled directly from the SAGE database in real time so it’s always up-to-date
  • Easy to use and maintain without any knowledge of web development
  • E-commerce capability and SAGE Payment Processing integration so customers can make purchases directly from your website
  • Includes the SAGE Virtual Design Studio to allow clients to create virtual samples by adding logos to your products on your website so they can easily visualize the end result
  • Product option drop-downs, such as size and color, listed on the product page for clients to quickly select exactly what they want and add it to their cart
  • With multiple product image support, your clients are able to see products in various colors and images from different angles and perspectives
  • Send your clients direct URLs to products


Product Searching

Customers can click a button to instantly search products by a variety of criteria. They'll see complete product information, including high-resolution product photos, and can add products to their virtual cart to order them directly from your website.

SAGE Product Searching

Quick Search Feature & Side Navigation

The quick search feature will be seen on the homepage of your website if you have WebExpress Pro (for custom sites, you can design your own quick search feature that integrates with PromoSearch). Customers can either enter a keyword into the quick search box or click on any one of the search options located in your side navigation. You have the option to completely customize the navigation searches in any way you want. For example, you can choose specific product categories you want to display, what order you want them in, add a specials category, etc.

Quick Search Feature & Side Navigation

Cart Features
Your customers can instantly add their chosen items to a cart and continue shopping. They also have the ability to specify the quantity needed, the date they need the items by, whether or not they just need more information, the imprint details, and much more. While your customers are shopping, they will never see supplier item numbers, supplier information, or any other identifying marks. This prohibits them from "shopping" around with the exact item number they found on your site.

PromoSearch Cart Features

Customer Orders
Once your customer has completed their shopping, they can click the Check Out button to finalize their order. Each time a new cart is submitted, you will receive an email with a link to pick up the cart. Simply click the link or login to sagemember.com and you can view the cart through an SSL-encrypted connection that protects the privacy of your clients’ information. When you pick up the cart, you will find all of the order and product information plus all of the confidential information such as the item number, supplier information and more.

PromoSearch Customer Orders

Customization Features
SAGE PromoSearch includes a plethora of advanced configuration options that allow you to give your online store the exact look and feel you want. You can change the font, turn on and off search options, include your own headers or HTML footers, customize the pricing shown to your customers, and much more!

PromoSearch Customization Features


Now that you’ve heard all about SAGE PromoSearch, you probably want to see it in action. Below is a link to an example website with PromoSearch.

View example here    

For more website examples, click here.

PromoSearch Product Search


SAGE PromoSearch - Monthly Subscription


SAGE PromoSearch - Yearly Subscription


My SAGE website looks very professional. Your web department did a wonderful job of setting things up and the site has more than paid for itself, already. I just received an order from a high-end resort. They're part of a larger group, and based on my conversations with them, it’s looking like this one order could turn into significant additional business with all of their locations.

Biz Corrow
BizCor Associates

I really appreciate the visibility my SAGE website is getting thanks to all of the new updates, including the responsive designs. What I love most is that the things you guys do just ‘happen,’ with little to no effort on my part – I just reap the benefits of SAGE keeping the website technology up-to-date. Plus, my site is always showing up-to-date product information from my top vendors. All of these things provide me a lot of value.

Jamie Falconi
Stellar Apparel

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SAGE WebExpress with PromoSearch

Please Note: Only authorized promotional products distributors may obtain a subscription to SAGE PromoSearch. Therefore, we will be verifying your authenticity as a distributor in the promotional products industry during the registration process.

In order to use SAGE PromoSearch you must be have a SAGE Total Access subscription.


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