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SAGE Payment Processing™, through our affiliation with Merchant Focus, provides your company with a complete, turn-key payment processing solution at ultra-competitive rates. Quickly process Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and debit cards using our advanced, web-based virtual terminal application from the convenience of any computer with web access. Plus, SAGE Payment Processing automatically integrates with your SAGE PromoSearch, SAGE Company Store, and SAGE WebExpress Pro sites to process your clients' order payments in real-time. We also offer an XML API to integrate your own backend applications with our payment engine.

Best of all, payment processing doesn't have to cost you a fortune! With our low rates and minimal fees, any business large or small can take credit cards with SAGE Payment Processing.

SAGE Payment Processing is offered through our relationships with Merchant Focus and Authorize.net. Even on busy days, their advanced networks will process your transactions quickly and efficiently. Unlike many payment processing services, SAGE Payment Processing has no funding delay. This means that funds from qualifying payment transactions are generally transferred to your business checking account two business days after settlement (check with your bank to make sure your bank doesn't impose its own delay before the funds go into your account).

It just takes a few minutes to apply online for your merchant account. Once your application is approved, you'll receive your login information for your SAGE virtual terminal. Then you're ready to start taking credit cards! Getting started with SAGE Payment Processing is easy. Simply complete our online application!



  • Ultra-competitive rates
  • Web-based virtual terminal
  • XML API available
  • Integrates with your SAGE Online client address book*
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick application process
  • No funding delays
  • No long-term commitment
  • No hardware needed
  • Process credit cards from anywhere
  • Interchange Plus rates available
  • No application fee or monthly minimum
  • Easy to understand monthly statements
  • Credit Card Reader Available

*Distributor only feature.



How much are you really paying for credit card processing? It's a confusing process for many with ever changing rates, hidden fees and inferior customer service. To solve this ongoing issue for many industry companies, SAGE has teamed up with Merchant Focus and Authorize.Net to create a payment processing solution that is simple and easy to understand.

What rates apply?

The discount rate is the percentage rate that you are charged to process a particular transaction. Normally, credit card processing companies charge a discount rate plus a fixed transaction fee. There may also be fixed monthly fees, statement fees, gateway fees, and other hidden charges. With SAGE Payment Processing, we've simplified the typical credit card rate structure. Click on the Pricing tab to see our rates. Note that customers who process more than $250,000 per year in MasterCard/Visa transactions can get interchange-plus pricing. This means you pay a fixed amount above whatever the transaction “costs”. Interchange-plus pricing is typically reserved for only very large companies. SAGE Payment Processing is the only industry payment processing solution offering this great pricing to the industry!

What are Interchange Rates?

MasterCard and Visa credit card transactions are categorized by card type. There are many different card types, such as basic MC/Visa cards, rewards cards, corporate cards, purchasing cards, etc. Each card type has a specific cost associated with it. This is the percentage rate charged by the MasterCard or Visa association to process the transaction. It's called the "interchange rate". All banks pay the same interchange rate to actually process a particular card type. The interchange is the part of the discount rate that you pay to process a transaction. The rest is the markup that the bank and processors receive.

What is a Qualified vs. Non-Qualified Rate?

Different MasterCard/Visa card types can have different rates. Most payment processing services categorize the various card types into two groups – qualified and non-qualified. Each group has a rate associated with it. The qualified rate is lower and the non-qualified rate is higher. For example, a regular consumer credit card and most reward cards will typically receive the qualified rate. However, there are many card types (especially in a B2B industry such as ours) that will not receive the qualified rate. For example, corporate cards and purchasing cards typically receive the non-qualified rate. A non-qualified rate can sometimes be significantly higher than a qualified rate, and sometimes the non-qualified rate is either not disclosed or not promoted by the payment processor. As you can see, looking at just the qualified rate when comparing payment processing services is a big mistake!

Web-based Virtual Terminal

SAGE Payment Processing enables you to accept credit cards anywhere you have a computer and internet access with our advanced, web-based virtual terminal application. This virtual terminal not only gives you the ability to process sales but also view transactions in the current batch waiting to be settled and post credits for transactions that have already settled. You also have the ability to view reports such as view/search transaction history and view transactions for the last settled batch.

Merchant Focus

Merchant Focus Processing, Inc., a leading provider of merchant payment solutions, focuses on two distinct market segments, each of which has special requirements and challenges. Merchants transacting $250,000 or more annually in credit card sales qualify for Interchange-Plus pricing with no monthly fees of any kind, and brand new businesses encounter special merchant friendly terms and low fixed pricing.

US Pricing

Process payments on the go using SAGE Mobile and SAGE Payment Processing.

If you are not currently taking credit cards, or are processing less than $250,000 in Visa / MasterCard transactions annually, you may take advantage of our low fixed rate pricing. If you are currently processing at least $250,000 annually, you qualify for Interchange-Plus pricing. For more information about how processing fees are determined click here.

In addition to the Visa and MasterCard Interchange fees, Visa and MasterCard charge an assessment fee that is paid directly to the associations that own the Visa/MasterCard brands. These are required fees that we cannot control. All US Credit Card processors are required to bill these fees to their merchants. For details, click here.

Established Merchant Focus is a registered ISO/MSP of HSBC Bank USA National Association, Buffalo, NY.

Canada Pricing

*Please note there are Interchange Downgrade Fees and these fees can be found on the application page. All pricing is in Canadian dollars.

Established Merchant Focus is a registered ISO/MSP of HSBC Bank USA National Association, Buffalo, NY.

Get Started

  1. Become a SAGE customer
    If you are a current SAGE customer, please proceed to Step 2. If you are not a current SAGE customer, please CLICK HERE and complete the SAGE Payment Processing application. If you have any questions regarding this application please call 800-925-7243. You must complete an application to sign up for SAGE Payment Processing (regardless of which card types you want to accept).

  2. Apply for your merchant account

    New or <250K Annually

    If you are not currently taking credit cards and would like to start or if you are processing less than $250,000 per year in Visa / MasterCard transactions, CLICK HERE to complete the Merchant Focus application.

    If you have any questions regarding the application process, please call Merchant Focus at 800-895-4085.

    Processing 250K+ Annually

    If you are currently processing at least $250,000 per year in Visa / MasterCard transactions you qualify for Interchange-Plus pricing with no monthly fees of any kind.

    Please CLICK HERE to complete our STATEMENT ANALYSIS FORM for a custom pricing proposal.

    If you have any questions regarding receiving a custom pricing proposal, please call Merchant Focus at 800-895-4085.

  3. Underwriting
    Most merchant account applications are processed within a few business days, although some may take longer depending on the information that you have entered. If any additional information is needed, Merchant Focus will contact you directly.

  4. Receive your Welcome Email
    Once your account is approved and setup in our system, you will receive a welcome email from us. When you receive this email from us, you're ready to start using your new merchant account! It will contain all of the information you need to get started, including information on accessing the SAGE Virtual Terminal. The SAGE Virtual Terminal is a web-based application that allows you to quickly and easily process transactions and view reports. Information will also be included regarding integrating your applications with the payment gateway using our XML API.