Author: Emily Domhoff

Emily Domhoff

Emily is the newest addition to our stellar marketing team. When she's not entertaining the masses with her storytelling abilities, you'll find her perusing bookshelves and singing loudly to songs on the radio.

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4 Technology Trends You Need to Know

It’s mind-blowing to think just how much our world changes from year to year because of technology. In the past few months alone, we’ve gone from signing into our phones with fingerprints to using 3D …

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6 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Motivation can be hard to come by. Sometimes your team needs a little extra push to make results happen. The foundation of all successful businesses is the efficiency of your employees. Motivate your …

Business Advice

This Is Your PPAI Expo…On Easy Mode

For any tradeshow – and especially when it’s as massive as The PPAI Expo – there is a lot of stress. Finding suppliers and products, keeping track of notes, and making education sessions on time are j…