6 Things You’re Missing Out On By Not Using Promotional Products

6 Things You’re Missing Out On By Not Using Promotional Products

Promotional products aren’t just for your clients. Whether you’re a new distributor trying to get your name out there, or an established company wanting to reach a new market, a product branded with your company name and logo is the most cost-effective way to promote your business.  Here are six things your business is missing out on if promotional products aren’t a part of your marketing mix:

Reaching a broader market.

When you give away a promotional product, it’s not just the recipient who sees your message. Your audience widens to family members, friends, coworkers, passersby and anybody who happens to catch a glimpse of your gift. While your main concern should be marketing to your target audience, it doesn’t hurt that promotional products are extremely mobile and can reach audiences to which you’ve never marketed. Promotional products also give you more visibility compared to other advertising mediums. TV ads get fast-forwarded through. Magazine ads get flipped through without hardly a glance. Only promotional products provide a conscious, interactive experience for your marketing message.

A more positive brand image.

Creating a positive brand image doesn’t happen overnight—you need to consistently shape your customers’ opinions over the years by delivering what they need and driving home your message with promotional products. Research shows promotional products create a more favorable impression of the advertiser 53 percent of the time. Establish goodwill by associating your brand with charitable or community events by handing out promotional products to highlight your company and its positive involvement.

Happier customers.

Happy customers buy, and happy customers come back. Hand out promotional products to make a situation right (an order mishap or long wait time, for example), or simply give them as a freebie to thank customers for their business. Receiving a gift makes people feel special and shows customers their business is valued and appreciated. Besides, everybody loves a freebie. In fact, 48 percent of people would like to receive promotional products more often.

Higher direct mail response rates.

For direct mail campaigns, bulky is best. Stuff a small, lightweight promotional product in your envelope to boost open rates. Not only will recipients be more likely to open your mail piece, but they will also have a more positive impression of your company and will appreciate the free gift. This is particularly effective if the promotional product you include is useful to them, so try to match products to your target market.


Every company wants to create buzz. Giving out promotional products is a powerful way to attract attention. This is especially true at tradeshows, when exhibitors are battling to get attendees to their booths. There’s nothing like a cool freebie to break the ice with potential customers and engage them in conversation. Plus, they’re more likely to listen to your marketing pitch because you just gave them a gift.

Making a lasting impression.

If your promotional product is useful or appealing to recipients, they’ll keep it and use it. Fifty-three percent of people use a promotional product at least once per week, meaning it gets repeated impressions from both the person using it and anyone who sees that person using it. Repetition is key to remembering a message. By handing out promotional products, you’re giving your audience repeated exposure to your brand, helping them remember your company and what it’s about.

How do you use promotional products to market your business? We’re always looking for good ideas. Let us know in the comments below! Want to keep up on the latest tips and trends in the promotional products industry?  Subscribe to the SAGE Blog and we’ll email you when new articles are posted!



Jansen Manfredini

Since joining SAGE in 2013, Jansen has been diligent in executing marketing plans and keeping all projects on task. She won the Rising Star award in 2013 and is referred to by her team as the Marketing Cheerleader because her positivity puts a proton to shame as she rallies them on a regular basis. Jansen is a native Texan who studied integrated marketing communications at Abilene Christian University.

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Comments ( 3 )
  1. Zach Thalman
    August 4, 2015 at 11:36 am

    I honestly love when I get to use promotional products. Sometimes you get some pretty cool products that you don’t see all the time. I like when my company gives things out because the products have our company name on them and they also are just nice to have.

    • Brooke
      August 4, 2015 at 11:39 am

      I agree, Zach! There are some pretty unique products out there. It’s especially nice when you get something that you end up using every day. My favorite is my SAGE travel mug.

  2. Scott Johnson
    January 14, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    Wow, I’m surprised to learn that promotional products can increase a customer’s opinion of the advertiser by 53 percent. Although, if you are giving something that the customer could use on a daily basis like a bottle opener or a stapler than I suppose your name would stick with them a lot better. My cousin only gives away pens with his company logo on them at the moment, I’ll have to talk to him about trying to go for something a little more lasting.

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